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Shout It Loud Reviews

Chase the Enemy - EP AND SINGLE - REVIEW


Hello there! I’ve got another great band for you this week!


Chase the Enemy is a five piece alternative rock band from Chelmsford, Essex. Since forming in the summer of 2010 they have won a number of battle of the bands, they have also played with the likes of The Dangerous Summer, Mallory Knox and Futures.


In the summer of last year (2011) Chase the Enemy toured East Anglia with When Giants Fall and they managed to raise £250 for cancer research. As well as this they also released their 6 track self-titled EP in April 2011.


The band consists of Jessica Moore (Vocals), James Buck (Lead Guitar), Tom Bellman (Rhythm Guitar), Josh Dawson (Bass) and Thomas Moore (Drums).


Well now that you all know the band! Let’s review the music!


After listening to this EP I can honestly say this is a great listen from beginning to end. As the band blend they instruments well with the powerful vocals to make a smooth yet full sound. That will have you singing in no time.


This is a band that know how to play and write their music well.  Their EP is a must listen to and you will be crazy not to.


Three songs you should listen to are ‘Weigh me Down’, ‘Jewels’ and ‘Lionheart’.


Their new single ‘I've Lost Some, I've Won Some’ is another excellent song and if this is any indication to what the new EP will sound like, I’m very much look forward to hearing it and its going to be a cracker of an EP.


Check out Chase the Enemy on their Facebook . This is a band to watch out for in the future.


Blink 182 - BRixton GIG - REVIEW


It’s a funny thing to think, let alone class Brixton academy as a small club gig, when most bands wait their entire careers to play such a venue, but I possess when you are as big as Blink 182 anything smaller than an arena is … well small.


Lower than Atlantis were first up and completely smashed their set, playing their well-known songs, as well as their new single which went down very well.  From the way they played their set I’m sure they came away with more fans that night.


As Blink 182 took to the stage the atmosphere of the whole venue changed as the anticipation and excitement grow.  Blink had a fantastic set from beginning to end planning a great mixture of both new and older songs, which went down well with the crowd (I mean really … who doesn’t like an old classic every now and then!).


There was also the nice touch of having an acoustic set half way through which really added to the of intimacy the show and changed up the whole performance. It’s also great to see that none of them have grown up or matured over the years, as they still share immature jokes between one another up on stage.


Tonight Blink was on top form and really showed just how awesome they are! This was not a gig to be missed!


We Are Saviours - Take Off Your Clothes - Video Review


A new week, a new music video is in order I do believe!


We are Saviours is a four piece heavy pop / punk / alternative band from Birmingham who formed back in 2011.


The band is made up of Jay Adam (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Dan ‘Diggy’ O’Farrell (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Brad ‘Finch’ Ransome (Drums /Percussion) and Jordan Ashley (Bass).


Their music video for ‘Take off your Clothes’ was released in April 2012 and it is both a great music video and song.


The song it an upbeat pop punk sound with catchy lyrics and great guitar riffs.


As for the video it starts with the band being grabbed and taken into a building. They are then seen to be playing in a boxing ring. This is a video full of humour with the band in amusing sporting outfits and banana costume (which never fails to be funny).  There are then a number of funny training scenes and fight scenes.


This is a great song and a very amusing video!


You can check out the song and video at





Here’s another new band for you!


Goods Friends is an alternative Punk band based in Newcastle.


The band is made up of Adam Carroll (Vocals and Bass), Jake Woods (Guitar and Vocals) and Clive Kennedy (Drums). Since forming they have released an EP in May of 2012.


The EP is called Good Friend EP. It’s a good EP with a rough punk sound which gives it an edge over much of the over produced music of today.


One song you should definitely check out on the album is ‘Dance on, Graves’ which is a very up tempo song ready to get you jumping and dancing. It also has a great chorus, perfect for live shows.


 You should check out the band by going to their and you can listen to and buy the Good Friend EP by going to .


Layers - Debut single - Corners


Oh! Have I got a treat for you this week with a debut single!


This week I have Layers debut single ‘Corners’. This is a rock / alternative band from Birmingham, UK. Which use a combination of pop and post hardcore to get their great sound.


The band consists of Lance Joseph (Lead Vocals), James Thompson (Guitar), Nick Ebanks (Bass) and Elliot Vaughan (Drums).


Their debut single ‘Corners’ is a brilliant song from beginning to end with a calm and subtle beginning that continues to grow into to incredible layered and hardcore sound. That is a song sure to get a crowd going and would definitely tear a venue and set apart.


 You can get the track for free by heading to their Facebook page at



Next to Nothing - review


Next to Nothing is a four piece pop/punk band from Smithsburg, Maryland.


The members of the band are Keller Nigh (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Connor Brown (Drums), Sean Scott (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Andrew Lewis (Guitar).


If you are a fan of Boys like Girls,  All Time Low and Mayday Parade this is definitely a band for you!


With their up tempo songs and pop punk sound you can’t go wrong. This is a band with a sound fit for a summer’s afternoon hanging out with your friends.


You can listen to Next to Nothing on their Facebook where you can download some of their songs for free. Or go to to listen.


This is a band you will want to listen too!


that sunday feeling - music video review

I have got another great alternative rock band for you this week! Aren’t you lucky?


That Sunday feeling, are a four piece band from Nottinghamshire. Having now toured with bands like Octane OK, Attack! Attack! and the UK’s biggest pop rock act McFLY as well as going on their very own headlining tour in July/August and selling out 5 of the 9 dates clearly shows they  have come far since forming early in 2010.


Their most recent single came out last year and it is both a great song and video.


The video starts with the lead singing being yelled at by someone and as the chorus comes in the band are seen to be playing in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and this continues with every chorus. There are also some dramatic shots of the band members and it finishes with the lead singer yelling the lyrics into the face of the person who yelled at him in the beginning of the video. All in all a brilliant video and it really added to the depth and emotion of the song.


As for the song it starts subtlety with just the vocals and piano, it is then added to until it has a hard hitting chorus as the song goes on it builds and builds.


This is a great band, fantastic song and brilliant video, which you should definitely checkout and make sure you like them on Facebook too as they are going out on tour soon, all the dates can be found on their page.



A Road to Damascus - A Road to Damascus - album - review


It’s a new week, so why not a new album to review? My thought precisely.


A Road to Damascus is a rock band from Copenhagen, Demark, Who have just released a killer album.


Having formed in the summer of 2009, they have recorded and realised their first EP in 2010 and have now released their self-titled debut album.


It’s hard to describe and review an album sometimes when all you want to say it that “it’s a fantastic album and that you should go listen to it right this very minute!" Because that wouldn’t give the album justice (nor really be reviewing it… either) But in all honesty this is a brilliant album from beginning to end, as it just goes from strength to strength and when album start with such a great song as this one, you know it’s going to be a killer album.


4 songs you should definitely check out on the album are ‘Decelerate’ it’s the first song on the album and has a great use of different layers  from being hard hitting to slower and calmer as it gets into the verses. ‘New Perspective’ is just such a powerful and energetic song. ‘Talk Is Cheap’ is the shortest but by far the heaviest song on the album. ‘No Wonder’ is another great song on the album and has some powerful lyrics.


You can listen to their full debut album on their YouTube page as well as buying it on iTunes.


This is an album you will want to listen to!!!


UtoXator - Double A Single ‘Paint on Walls’ - review


UtoXator is a Rock / Pop – Punk / Metal band that originally formed in North Yorkshire but is now based in Leeds. 


2005 saw the release of their debut four track EP ‘Stop and Listen’. Then in 2011 they released their long awaited follow up with their Double A single ‘Paint on Walls’.


ow artists alike.

Now based in Leeds, utoXator’s energetic yet tight live performances have earned them fans the length and breadth of the nation along with a growing reputation of never disappointing on a stage; a reputation achieved by an unmistakable passion and enjoyment of the music! And of course touring the hell out of the UK!

2011 sees the release of the long awaited follow-up to Stop and Listen, the double A side single 'Paint on Walls'*.

utoXator’s much-loved, characteristic sound is ever-present but has undergone development. Their sound is constantly progressing, the single encapsulates the current musical state of the band, a nod to the past and a glimpse to the future.

So far in 2012 the band have recorded their next release, the follow up single to Paint on Walls (due in April) as well as another tour of the uk to establish a bigger name for the new and improved utoXator sound.

*'Paint on Walls' is avaialable online at iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe and can be streamed directly from S
The band has four members who are Aiden (bass) , Alz (vocals / guitar) , Luzio (vocals / guitar) and Maxwell (drums) . Having played together since 2003 they really know how to blend the sound, as well as write a killer song.


Their Double A Single ‘Paint on Walls’ has two incredibly hard hitting songs.


The single ‘Paint on Walls’ starts with an energetic instrumental beginning then slows into a dramatic chorus, which puts a lot of emphasis on the drums. This is a powerful song musically and lyrically and would definitely be a great song performed live as it has the aggression and power to get a crowd going.


The second track is ‘Which Side of the Thin Blue Line’ is another great song, again like ‘Paint On Walls’ its a hard hitting dramatic song certain to get a crowd moving.   With instruments being used at different times then being brought together for the chorus really adds to the song and gives it even more layers and depth.


This is a single you should definitely pick up as you don’t want to miss out on this band.


Make sure you also like them on Facebook to see when new music is coming out.


Johnny get the Gun – Camden, Underworld – 20th April


Goodbye Sky Harbour  started off the show with their alternative rock sound, that gradually gets the crowd going and by the end of their set , there is what appears to be a La Macarena dance off (yes, I did say that!)


Next on is Neon Sarcastic, with their renditions of ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J and You me at Six’s ‘Save it for the Bedroom’ which went down very well and really got the crowd participating.


London based band Double A took to the stage and had a great stage presence. With their energetic set and the consistent wave of dirty jokes, it went down a storm with the young crowd.


Headliners Johnny get the Gun had a great set, playing both their well-known songs as well as new ones. But compared to the rest on the bands on the bill tonight they really managed to get the crowd going and singing loudly, holding the crowd in the palm of their hands until the very last song­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ‘As good as it gets’. (Which they played twice and was just as great and energetic the second times)


Twin atlantic - Koko, London - 17th April


Tonight was London’s chance to see two of the most talked about UK bands under the same roof.


Lower Than Atlantis had what can only be describe as an incredible set playing some of their well-known songs like (Motor) Way of Life, Beech Like the Tree and Deadliest Catch. This got the crowd moving and moshing as if it was their headlining show.  With a crowd reaction like this, where they were having there lyrics sung back at them loudly, especially when playing their slowest song ‘Another Sad Song.’ It's clear to see that it won’t be that long before LTA are headling their own show here.


Headliners Twin Atlantic took to the stage in a cool and calm fashion. As they blazed through their set, it’s understandable why they sold out a venue of this size. With their hard hitting, energetic songs which got the crowd jumping as soon as the first note was dropped.


Twin Atlantic also managed to slip two acoustic songs into their set, which went down a treat, especially the song ‘Crash Land’ which just about melted the hearts of everyone in the venue. 


Along with two acoustic songs they also played the fans a brand new song, which has yet to be released and by the sounds of it, it will be a killer song too.


But tonight wasn’t just a special moment for the fans; it was also special for the band too, as they got to see just how far they had come over the past year, let alone since they first formed the band.


Judging by their performance tonight this is a band that is destined for great things. 


James Borchers – Introducing


If you like Pop Punk, you will love this!


James Borchers is an artist from New York who came on the music scene in 2011. James Borchers is a vocalist and guitarist; he also plays alongside another member called Eric Dicarlo who plays the Drums.


It’s easy to see that this is an artist that has had a lot of influence from the greats of pop punk like Blink 182, All Time Low and New Found Glory.


All three of their songs on their Facebook page are very catchy, with that classic pop punk feel that with get you bouncing.


Definitely check out the song ‘Famous’ which they also have a video for .


All of his songs can be downloaded for free from their Purevolume page .


So make sure you downloaded them and share this artist with the world!


Stop. Drop. Rock! Tour - London, Islington - 10th April


Hollywood was the first band to perform on the night and they did very well, as it is always a hard task being the first band on the bill. Their songs were catchy and by the end of their set you were left knowing some of their lyrics.


My Extraordinary were second on, these guys had a slightly heavier sound to that of the other bands, but that didn’t stop them from blazing through their set with both old songs and new songs that are still to be released.


Up next was the Southampton band The City Calls.  For me the best band of the night with catchy lyrics and an energetic set. They certainly had a strong set that would be hard to follow for the final two bands.


The final support band of the night was Taking Hayley.  They had a great set, which got people dancing and jumping from the word go! The band decided to do a cover of Labyrinth’s hit song Earthquake, which went down a storm.


It was going to be a hard task for The Famous Class to follow after having just witnessed four great bands before them and sadly it showed. Their set lacked anything special and as for the mash up, the song ‘Blessed with a Curse’ by Bring me the Horizon just didn’t work as a pop punk cover. However, I will applaud them for the attempt. Having said this they did get the crowd going and continued this until the end.


Overall the Stop. Drop. Rock! Tour was a success and a good night!


Lucas Hardy from the city calls - interview


The first ever review I posted on the site was for a band called The City Calls, check out the review here if you haven’t seen it already .


 This was an album I fell in love with from the first moment I heard it. But about a week ago now, I got the chance to interview Lucas Hardy, lead singer of the band and here’s the interview below.


Who and what are your influences?


“We're influenced by so many different bands. We love Pop Punk but we were all brought up on different bands and genres too. It makes for an interesting writing process as everyone has different ideas based on their influences.”


  What does the future hold for the band now that 3 members are parting ways?


“We're looking into the future with positivity and excitement. The whole time with the guys deciding to leave was horrible, no doubt about it. But it's all been done because we want to take the band to the next level and that means putting more of our time into it. So, the future will hold more and more for The City Calls and we are stoked about that.”

Where do you hope/realistically see 'The City Calls' in 5/10 years’ time?


“In 5 years we hope to be making kickass records, touring the world and having as many people as possible know about The City Calls. It's what we've always been aiming for and we want it to happen.”

What is your favourite song from the new album and why?


“Personally my favourite is Meet In The Middle, I can't speak for Scotty but I'm pretty sure he'd agree. It was the last song we finished for the record and it shows our progression and it has the biggest sound of the whole record. I think it showcases our band well and gives everyone an idea of what to expect in the future.”


Are your fans likely to see any new music soon?


“We have ideas flying about but we're working on the line-up right now and spreading the word of the April tour. Come late April/May we'll be working on the future full force. Anything new and up to date on music check out Facebook and Twitter!”

Do you prefer the recording and writing process or the touring and doing shows?


“They're both such different experiences it's hard to choose what my preference is. Recording songs you get a massive sense of achievement and when you hear a final mix of a new song you get that awesome chill of excitement. With touring you get mega anticipation to get onstage and the adrenaline of performing your songs for everyone. Both different feelings and aspects of fun but equally preferred!”

What can the fans expect from the Stop/Drop/Rock Tour?


“It's packed full of awesome bands so people can expect a solid awesome rock show. We're hitting our hometown April 11th Southampton Joiners and the other bands are hitting their hometowns so it's going to be awesome every night. Not a tour to miss.”

What do you want people to take from your music when they listen to it?


“I'd like people to take what they want from it. Whether it's a song to get them pumped for something, a song to think about any problems that's going on for them, a song to dance to, anything. I'd just like people to enjoy listening to the music for whatever reason that may be. We are thankful for anyone who has listened to our music and even more thankful for everyone that wants to listen to it again and again.”


Why should people listen to 'The City Calls'?
“We are a band that has a lot of fun with what we do, we want to write music that means something to us and music that people can enjoy and have a good time with. If the music means something to someone else then that's awesome too. That's a good reason why you should listen to The City Calls, just in case you might realllllyyyy dig it, haha.”

Describe the band in 3 words


“Mega Awesome Fun
Hot Saucy Moments
Hard Pop Punking”


Fan Questions


@Mynameisterrix asked: If you could feature one musician in a TCC song who would you like to work with most?


“Personally I'd either have Dave Grohl shred some drums on a song of ours or have a vocal duet with Hayley Williams. Either would be sweet. That's just me though haha.”


Sarah asked: Besides The City Calls, who is your favourite band/ artist?


“My two favourite bands are blink-182 and Motion City Soundtrack. Blink are the band that got me wanting to start my own band and they introduced me to Motion City, I love the lyrical style of Justin Pierre.”


Make sure to like the band on Facebook as well as going and buying their new mini album . Be sure to check them out on their up and coming tour too. All the date can be found on their website .


Tom Lynam from riots - interview




A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a band called ‘Riots’,  who when describing themselves said, “(Riots) is not just a band, it’s a voice, the voice of a generation that is silenced and hushed by the money grabbing global markets and politicians that are only looking out for themselves. In an ever-growing society where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. As Riots we intend to get in your face, onto your streets, into your televisions, onto your radios and make some fucking noise!”


Here’s the link to the review for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.    


Last weekend I got the chance to meet with Tom Lynam from the band in a London café and did a face to face interview and here’s the interview below.  


Why did you start a band and who were your influences?


 â€œThere are plenty of influences out there, aren’t there? Probably Dave Grohl’s being one of the biggest one’s out there. Just being able to adapt yourself to any kind of situation and he’s just an icon isn’t he really? So Dave Grohl and bands like Biffy Clyro, Sex Pistols, Rage Against The Machine, people like that.”


  What were your influences for the new sound?


“Well I just think with what is going on in the country today where there is a lot of anger amongst young people, especially when it comes to the rise in student fees, the way the government are treating people and tax and stuff like that. It was that kind of aggression that I also wanted to represent if you will. I want to take that and fuel the music with it, that’s what influenced me to do that. “


Is this why you picked such a strong political message with the band?


“My old influences were classic rock bands, the grunge stuff like ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Alice in Chains’. That aggression I have been missing out of my life over the last few years. It’s nice to pick up a guitar and be able to shout about some stuff I feel very strongly about.”


Is it quite different from playing in your previous band ‘Pegasus Bridge’?


“Yes very. It’s nice to be independent again and to stand at the front again; I have had enough of sitting in the back, so it all good.”


When forming ‘Riots’ did you want to go off into a completely new musically direction?


“Yeah, I just wanted to do what I felt was right at the time. I was missing a lot of my influences from being in ‘Pegasus Bridge’, so it was nice to step back and remember what I enjoyed playing and what really mattered to me, and it was just nice to get across some feelings and some thoughts that I have been having lyrically. And to then just get up and play some guitar again and sing about what I felt.”


What do you want people to take from your music when they listen to it?


“I want people to feel like there is a chance that you can shout about something that you aren’t happy about and that there are other people who agree with you. I want ‘Riots’ to not only be a band, but also like a community where if you aren’t happy about something shout about it, you are allowed too, you don’t just have to go along with the rules. Whether it’s people personal / one’s self where you feel like you can’t express yourself the way you want to, whether it’s what you wear, how you have your hair, or whether it is like the bigger situations what are going on in the world. That to me is something important right now that people feel like they have a voice. Because at the moment there are little pockets of people that are demonstrating and it’s just not enough. If people realise that there is one voice that we can all go on, and then I think together we are stronger. So to me that’s what I want to do with ‘Riots’.”


Where do you hope and realistically see ‘Riots’ in 5 / 10 years’ time?


“Why not headlining a major festival?  It would be great.  Wembley Stadium, why not? If enough people enjoy it and get into it, then you know skies the limit.”


Do you prefer the recording and writing process or touring and playing shows?


“There are just so many good points to both. I really enjoy recording at the mount, because I have never really had chance to record on my own especially because before JD and J got involved in the band, it was really just me. So I would go and recorded the drums, bass, the guitars and everything myself. I loved that just having the freedom; I don’t have to ask permission from anyone or see if anyone else agrees with me, I can just go in. I love this side of things, experimenting with sounds and it is something I am doing a lot more of now, but then I miss touring and I miss traveling. I miss the interaction with people and I think that’s really key to what musicians do, that interaction with ‘fans’. I don’t want to call it ‘fans’ it’s a bit cheesy.”


Will there be a tour anytime soon?


“Hopefully, obviously it’s just building a buzz around the band because these no point in going all the way into Newcastle to play for just 5 people. So obviously I am going to be recording more music and maybe getting an EP or an album together over the summer. As far as progression goes, yeah I want to tour it and I would love to tour it … but it’s all in good time.”


Can the fans expect any new music in the near future?


“Yeah, I’m always demo-ing and writing and the thing is, it’s such early days that I just want it to be heard. So it’s not a case of making money out of it. I want to just put the music out there, even in its most basic form so that people can enjoy it and if there is a message people can relate to, then get involved.”


Why should people listen to ‘Riots’?


“Why? Why not? I think ‘Riots’ is a band that is missing from today’s sound in music. I think that there is a lot of generic, put together music that’s very much suppressed into what the industry thinks you want to hear, a lot of even bands and musicians are playing what they think you want to hear and I miss the whole kind of unexpectancy of what is going to happen next for music. I think people should listen to ‘Riots’ because there is something new to be done, it may not be brand new, there isn’t going to be 11 stringed guitars or something like that, it’s about the right energy, the right vibe and I think you should listen to ‘Riots’ because there is a message there and if you agree with that message and you want to get involved then the doors are open.”


Describe ‘Riots’ in 3 Words


“Cluster fuck is one of my favourite terms at the minute, energy and an anti – culture something along those lines.”


Make sure you checkout the band on  as well as downloading there song ‘REVOLUTION’..






Follow Wyliss – Blind – eP – Review


Alternative Rock band Follow Wyliss have a new EP that came out in January!


Follow Wyliss are from Haslemere and formed in late 2010. Since then they haven’t looked back, having played venues like The Camden Barfly, The Relentless Garage and The Joiners, as well as sharing the stage with Young Guns, Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis, the high rising bands in the current British Rock scene.


The band consists of Toby Spysznyk (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Ryan Jarrad Keen (lead guitar), Jake Tullett (bass and backing vocals) and Mikey Laws (drums).


In January 2011 the band released this debut single “Turbulance’ which had great reviews. Then in May of the same year they released their debut EP “Never for a Second” 


Their new EP ‘Blind’ is energetic pretty much from start to finish. There is also a brilliant slow song on the EP, which really added to the end result. This is a strong EP the whole way through as each song is as great as the next.


So go get their EP ‘Blind’ now! By going to


 Also go check them out at some of their gigs in April and August, all the dates can be found on their Facebook page . They are also playing REDFEST this year too.


Taking back sunday - taking back sunday - album - review

Taking Back Sunday’s self-titled album which was released on 28th June, 2011, is some-what of a letdown after hearing the singles ‘Faith (When I Let You Down)’ and ‘You Got Me’ from the album, because these two songs are incredible with the power vocals and lyrics. Yet the rest of the album it just ok, as nothing is particularly memorable.


Three songs you should definitely check out off this album are the two singles mentioned above, ‘Faith (When I Let You Down)’, ‘You Got Me’ plus ‘This is all now’ as these are by far the best tracks on the CD.


This is an album that doesn’t leave you wanting more but at the same time it doesn’t make you want to never listen to it again , as really it’s an album that doesn’t really leave you feeling anything.


If you are a fan of the band you will probably still like it although it would never be classed as their greatest album.


Overall I would give this album 5/10 because it’s not awful and the 3 tracks that are good are brilliant.




Winchester Rebel - 3 Sheets to the Wind - Album - Review


Winchester Rebel is a Heavy Rock/ Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Sana Barbara, CA. They formed in August of 2009. The band is made up of Nick Hunt (vocals), Nick Fitzgerald (guitar), John Livergood (bass), James Longoria (guitar) and Barry Carter (drums).


When creating the band they wanted it to ‘echo some of the great hard rock bands of the 90s, while encompassing an original sound all their own.’


It’s clear to see that influences like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots are very visible on their debut album ‘3 Sheets to the Wind’


If you like heavy rock this is a good band for you as it has everything from the powerful drums to vocals that you would want from a band of this genre.


You can listen to their music on their Facebook page at . You can also get their album from iTunes or get the physical copy from their store .


barely Blind - Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns - Album - Review

So who wants to hear about another new band this week? Well you are in luck! I have a great one for you!


Barely Blind is an unsigned band who were originally from Port Arthur, TX but are now based in Los Angeles, CA. You should definitely take some time out to listen to them, as you won’t be disappointed. The band consists of Brad Cuccio (bass / vocals), Reid Guidry (guitar), Will Smith (drums) and Stephen Salisbury (guitar).


This is a band that have made their own way since the beginning from their first EP’s, 2007’s ‘The Way we Operate’ and 2009’s ‘My Life with a Giant’. Along with these two EP’S they also did a huge amount of DIY touring which lead them toward where they are today.


Barely Blind have a very dedicated fan base which should continue to grow if they keep creating great EP’S and albums like they have. 


Their follow up album ‘Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns’ has a definite vibe and style of rock, indie and punk pop which works very well.  This album has a fuller sound to that of their previous EP ‘My Life with a Giant’.


The album has a strong  beat that it present in each song, along with a great guitar sound that is different , which gives this an a sense of individuality, that many bands and artists just don’t have now a days.


This is an album you should listen to, as it’s a refreshing, up lifting listen perfect for the summer months (or anytime really).


Three songs you should check out on the album are ‘Silver Lake’, ‘Can’t Expert’ and ‘Inner Child’


You can get the album ‘Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns’ for free from the bands website  Also make sure you like them on Facebook too


In hindsight - Review


In Hindsight is a pop / rock band from Nottinghamshire. The band consists of Michael Newcombe, Daniel Newcombe, Sam Clark and Isaac Anderson, even though they are all under the age of 18, they really do have their sound down as each song is consistence to that of a pop /rock sound.


With catchy guitar and drum beats that will get stuck in your head. You just can’t dislike them.


This is a band that knows how to write a catchy melody, so check them out at where you can hear all their songs. Or go to their where you can buy their single ‘It’s Not Me (It’s You)’


Also make sure you catch these guys at Rock City in Nottingham on the 15th March and at the HMV Institute in Birmingham on the 23rd March.


Kids in Glass Houses - In Gold Blood - Album REVIEW


Kids in Glass Houses have had two brilliant albums since they formed in 2003, but their most recent and third album ‘In Gold Blood’ lacks that Kids in Glass Houses spark that made their other albums ‘Smart Casual’ and ‘Dirt’ so great.


‘In Gold Blood’ definitely has a slightly different sound to that of the other albums, not to say that this was a mistake as it stills work, but sadly it just seems like the album has something missing.


The best three songs on the album are ‘Diamond Days’, the single ‘Animals’ and ‘Fire’ as these all have great guitar riffs and lyrics that will get you singing along.


As for the rest of the album it sounds like there is more filler than killer.


If you are a fan of Kids in Glass Houses this is an album that you will still like and if you are not a fan this could be an album to get you to like them.


Overall I would give this album a 6/10, not because it’s a terrible album but because it does have some really great songs on it, but when comparing to their previously albums it just doesn’t match up. 


RIOTS - single 'Revolution' - Review


This week I am reviewing a band called RIOTS, this is a pretty new band on the scene considering they have only just released their first single which you can get for free, but we will get back to this later, for this isn’t just another band hoping for their fair share of fame and glory within the music industry … no. RIOTS is a band that wants to make a change.

RIOTS when describing themselves said, “(Riots) is not just a band, it’s a voice, the voice of a generation that is silenced and hushed by the money grabbing global markets and politicians that are only looking out for themselves. In an ever-growing society where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. As Riots we intend to get in your face, onto your streets, into your televisions, onto your radios and make some fucking noise!”

Well if their first single ‘Revolution’ is anything to go by there is nothing stopping them from spreading this message.

The single ‘Revolution’ is a definite grower as the more you listen to it, the more you will love it. It’s evident that this song has influences from bands like Foo Fights as it has a great sing along chorus, yet has the rawness of the Sex Pistols.

You can download their single for free from their Facebook page  also make sure you like their Facebook page as the band said, ”On our sites you can post news features and opinions that you feel are wrong, ridiculous or pure insanity when it comes to the abuse of money, our education and our country.”


Mary has a Gun - Easy Way - Single / Video - Review

Mary has a Gun … so who are they?

Mary has a Gun are a band from France who formed back in 2003. They have a strong fan base that continues to grow; with over 11,000 likes on Facebook, 1500 twitter follows and 40,000 friends on their blog site, it’s clear to see that this band is making waves within the music industry.

After the release of their debut album “PM” they went on a headlining tour called “AM to PM” along with doing some support slots for the likes of Four Year Strong and Madina Lake on their European tour.

However, Mary has a Gun have a new direction and new songs to target a British fan base.

The new single “Easy Way” has a great rock / alternative sound. The song starts with strong guitar riff and drum beat which gets even stronger as the chorus comes in. This is definitely a song you will want to listen to as it will get you moving instantly and leaves you wanting more.

The video is a great addition to the song, it captures the energy of the bands performance very well with the way in which it is filmed. The video also added humour to the song which makes it even more entertaining.

You can see Mary has a Gun has a great new single and video on their Facebook page .

This is a band that I believe will really shake up the UK music scene, so keep your eyes peeled for them.



Little Time Off - Make it or Break it - EP Review


Little Time Off are a pop/punk band from Minneapolis Minnesota who have a similar sound to that of All Time Low and Forever the Sickest kids although it isn’t to say that they don’t add their own style to their pop/punk songs.

The band formed in September of 2010 and consists of Christopher Mlazgar vocals / guitar, Isaiah Cram guitar, Wayne Todd bass and John Michael drums.  They released their EP “Make It or Break It” which was produced by Pat Brown (Sing it Loud) and engineered/produced by Dustin Phillips (All The Right Moves).

This EP is bound to get you jumping and dancing around with its bouncy beats and catchy lyrics that are consistently good throughout the EP. This has clever and relatable lyrics in the songs that you just can’t dislike.

The 5 track EP has a summer sound that will get you ready for the warmer weather and have you singing loudly too.

Go check out the band on their Facebook page and you can also buy their EP “Make It or Break it” from itunes .


HARBOUR – Single ‘Colder’ – Review – Out 8th February


HARBOUR is an alternative pop/rock band from Cheltenham.  So who is this band I hear you cry … well the band is made up of Chris Capewell, Mike Elliott, Charlie Pilsworth, Adam Goddard and Andy Oliveri who have all been playing together for some time now and really know how to write a song.

There new single “Colder” comes out on the 8th February with the B-side “Almost Home”. They were both recorded by James Bragg at Middle Farm Studios.

The main single Colder is about a conversation between a man and his 15 year old self. The song starts with just vocals and a guitar riff which really adds to the lyrics and vocals. As the song progresses different instruments are added until you have the hard hitting heavy chorus, which adds to the emotion of the song. To be honest it’s a song that you could play over and over again and never get tired of … and believe me I have and I still love it.

The B site track is another great song about the realization that there is no easy way to be successful at anything and that success comes with sacrifice. This song starts with just a piano and vocals which has a strong sound. The mixture of piano, drums and guitar that come later in the song make for a powerful sound.

Both of these songs have great melodies, vocal harmanys and a lot of raw emotion which will give you chills when listening to them.

I am sure we are going to hear lots more from this band as they write truly fantastic music and lyrics. These are two songs that you must listen to, so go and buy their new Single ‘Colder’ on the 8th February via and


Benjamin Gibbs – Debut EP ‘Social Smoking’ - Review


I always love it when I get the opportunity to listen to new music, especially by a new artist.


Benjamin Gibbs is a singer - song writer who you should really watch out for. His Alternative Pop style is like nothing I have ever heard before and very refreshing to hear in an age where a lot of pop music is very generic.


The EP has some upbeat songs which will have you bouncing and dancing in no time. The lyrics are easy to relate too, which I always appreciate in a song, yet at the same time some are quite witty.


This is an EP you should definitely check out because it’s not only a fresh listen with great lyrics and melody’s but it’s also full of songs which will offer you something new every time you listen to them. With each play – you will enjoy it even more.

So go checkout Benjamin Gibbs’s debut EP ‘Social Smoking’ as well as his debut music video

Blink 182 - Neighbourhoods - Album Review


Blink 182’s long awaited album Neighbourhoods shows a 21st century version of the band as they have a slightly different style to that of their last album.

 When listening to the album it’s clear that there is a lot of inspiration and influence from Tom Delonge’s other band Angels and Airwaves, in the way that the songs are written as well as the musical style, riffs and instruments used.

Despite their new album being different from their previous albums it is still a great listen as it does have the elements of that Blink 182 spark that made everyone fall in love with them. However, at times this album does lack the clever lyrics and familiar style that were shown in early albums.

There are some really good songs on the album like ‘Natives’ which has a classic Blink 182 sound with the familiar guitar riffs and drum beats. Another good song on the album is ‘Kaleidoscope’ with flowing lyrics which have a mixed style of both Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves.

Overall I would give this album 6 / 10 as it really is a great listen, but at times lacks that Blink 182 spark.

Make sure you check out their singles ‘Up all night’ and their lastest one ‘After Midnight’.


Set It Off - Horrible Kids - EP Review


Set it off – Horrible Kids

I have decided to write a review on Set It Off’s  EP Horrible kids, as it’s an album I haven’t stopped listening to since I bought it.

This is an EP with a lot of different layers, filled with great musical talent as each song on the EP sounds completely different to each other. Each song also contains a powerful lyrical message.  The name of the EP is also the name of one of the songs, however I feel that it was also called this as the album has a running theme of showing just how horrible kids can be to one another,  for example the song ‘Horrible Kids’ emphasises the bullying that goes on.

On this EP there isn’t a song that I would say was weaker than any other as they are all consistently strong, musically and lyrically too.  Every song is filled with emotion which I think a lot of young people will be able to connect to.

This is an EP with a big sound and a lot of emotion from a band who have a lot to say.  It’s defiantly an EP you should listen too as you will never stop listening to it.  This is a band to watch in 2012.

So check out their latest single ‘Horrible Kids’ from the EP.


Letlive. - Fake History - CD Review

It’s been a big year for Letlive over here in the UK and even though their last album Fake History came out in April of 2010 and then was re –released in 2011, I still believe it isn’t given the credit it deserves.

Letlive’s album Fake History is a great example of post – hardcore at its very best. With their cleverly written lyrics and electric energy in every one of their songs, there is no doubt you will be singing to every last word.

Even if there weren’t lyrics to these songs, the guitar riffs and drum beats are incredible and will have you moshing in no time.

As a band and as an album they are both an unstoppable force of musical talent that will keep you listening.

10 /10


The City Calls - A Spark to Ignite - CD Review

This is a review I had published in Kerrang magazine a couple of months ago. Hope you like it.

This album is a refreshing listen in this age of bland pop punk. The album has a strong beat which makes you want to bounce, great guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. An all- round great summer sound.

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